The Magic Cheque

What if you really did have a magic cheque book? Where whatever amount you wrote out on the cheque got paid into your bank account and you got to spend it.

I first read about this idea in a book by Chicken Soup for the Soul author Jack Canfield. He described how he wrote a cheque for $100,000 being payment for his first book manuscript and taped it to the ceiling above his bed.  After I read this I carried a fake cheque in my purse and shortly after got a 53% pay rise just land in my lap as part of my contract renewal.  This is what enabled me to save a house deposit over the next year and a half and finally stop renting!

Playing make believe with a fake cheque is a fun technique and being playful about it is an important part of it as when you are being playful you cannot at the same time be doubt ridden, cynical or fearful.

Activate the law of attraction by writing yourself a fake cheque today! Having a physical piece of paper made out in your name in the order of $100,000 or your chosen amount represents a powerful reminder of your desire. Use it to prompt yourself to imagine all of the things that money will purchase and enable for you. Take the time to picture in detail and really feel the feelings of having that amount of money and the things you buy with it.

Pin it on the wall somewhere you will see it everyday, or carry it in your wallet. And fake it til you make it by living the experience of having that cheque as though it were real and feeling the good feelings those thoughts evoke.

Consistently replacing feelings of lack with feelings of abundance will literally reverse your fortunes, and bring more wealth and opportunities into your awareness.

If you want a book of life-like cheques to write your own ‘magic cheques’, see the Abundance-bank cheque book.

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