Abundance Bank

Abundance Bank

The Prosperity Game


Welcome! We created Abundance-bank* as a tool for conscious creators who know how the law of attraction works. Knowing it is one thing. Actively practising it is something else. Breaking habits of negative thought and...
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How to Play

The Prosperity Game will help you expand your financial set point and awaken your imagination and creative powers. This description is based on the Prosperity Game process described in the book ‘Ask and it is...
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Order a cheque book

This is not a real bank or a real cheque book. This fake cheque book (available on Amazon) looks just like a real cheque book and can be used to write imaginary cheques. Buy a...
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The Magic Cheque
What if you really did have a magic cheque book? Where whatever amount you wrote out on the cheque got paid into your bank account...
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